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In 1984 our principals exported the first 200 kilograms of dried Pink Rose Buds collected from a mountainous region in southern Iran.  The flower’s wonderful pastel pink colour and natural fragrance attracted many throughout the world and demand grew rapidly. Today, these flowers are grown and collected in many regions of the country and thousands are employed in this field.  Although we no longer are the exclusive exporters of this item, we are proud to be exporters of the highest quality of these rose buds.   For best quality and most competitive prices, it is best to order these flowers prior to the collection period from May through July.   Pink Rose Petals are also available.

We also supply a limited amount of various coloured dried rose buds and smaller tea rose buds to a few of our clients.  Red, dark red, black, dark pink, ivory, yellow, peach, rainbow, gypsy orange, scarlet, and other colour rose buds are used in attractive decorative flower designs and mixes.  We are collecting more of these roses to satisfy the growing demand.  

Zanbagh Talesh exports dried flowers as listed below:

Pink Rose Buds (Rosea damascene)
Rose Buds and Petals in many colors
Marshmallow (Althea officinalis)
Blue Malva